Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Allergy checkup

I was prepared for D to have to redo all his allergy tests and be miserable all afternoon. But then his allergist decided he didn't need to redo any. Since he had no new symptoms; rash, eczema etc and an elimination diet improved his reflux but didn't eliminate his issues, she felt he doesn't have an allergy but more of a dairy sensitivity that causes his reflux to be worse. He's cleared to begin solid foods and doesn't go back until 1 year old unless he has any new issues.
I guess this is good news that he's not likely methicillin to anything but that also means here is no fast fix for his reflux and crying. So now we visit the pediatrician Friday and come up with a plan to treat the reflux and see if that helps.
I was exhausted from a night with terrible sleep and then go figure D is a crazy nightmare screaming all afternoon for no apparent reason. I took a screaming photo so I can remind him one day hoe much he owes me for being a difficult baby!

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