Saturday, September 6, 2014

Pool Party!

My friend Doris belongs to a swim racquet club that has an awesome pool area with 4 pools and 2 hottubs. Today she threw a end of the summer pool party for some friends (all PTs at CCS) and our kids. Not only did she have us all over for the afternoon but she even ordered kabobs and Mediterranean food to be catered! Wow did we have a good time. I was nervous as Callie refused to nap today and after 2 hours in her room I decided we would just go without a nap. Luckily since she was having fun she was really well behaved, actually like an angel. Diego even was very cooperative. He swam in the pool for the first time and really liked it. D and I swam for almost an hour with Callie and the other kids. After that I dried off to be with D but Callie swam all afternoon, literally. Everyone was impressed that she swims by herself with the puddle jumper. She was jumping in an swimming to the stairs to get out and go again.  They also have a wading pool for little kids that they all enjoyed together. I had my hands full with two kids by the pool so I didn't snap any photos but Amy and Kristen sent me some. We had a great day, good food, fun and awesome friends.

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