Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Four Months Old

So this is one day late... But yesterday was a rough day. I didn't even post about the allergist until I was up
In the middle of the night, hopefully it made sense because I didn't read over it again.
Anyways without further ado.. Diego at FOUR months!
He's awfully cute... And I call him "pita" and more often just D, you probably already know that. He's a real handful and not an easy baby by any means. He's a complicated soul that I just can't quite figure out. He cries sometimes hours a day because his belly hurts or he just can't fall asleep. I've never met a baby who has such a hard time going to sleep. I bounce and walk as shoosh and give him the pacifier and play the vaccuum and sometimes still he can't just close his eyes. He pukes probably 20-30 times a day... We will be working on that with the pediatrician this week. And hopefully that will improve a lot in his life. The only food sensitivities we have isolated for sure are dairy and onions.
He can laugh and smile and coo and I swear on occasion his sounds come out like mama. Diego is a mommy's boy for sure and prefers to be laying right on my boob over anywhere else in the world. He's happiest just sleeping on me and nursing and sometimes at night he even drools all the milk out in a puddle because he's not hungry. He's never been without me for more than 10 hours and never overnight. I had left Callie way sooner ;)
He eats on average 2.5 ounces every 2 hours. This is a pretty small amount and I can only assume he doesn't want more because he is more likely to puke. I also think he eats so often because he pukes up quite a bit of every meal.
Diego can hold a toy, bat at hanging toys, and today he just learned to make Sophie the giraffe squeak. He can lift his legs and touch his toes but he doesn't hold them yet or roll. He can lift his head when on his belly but doesn't support himself on his elbows yet. His preferred position is upright at all times, probably again because of the puking. Diego loves loud white noise and dark places, he is known to be on his best behavior in a busy restaurant.
He changed pacifier preferences this month from soothie "baby" kind to MAM after falling in love with a borrowed pacifier from Lincoln on our CT trip.
We stopped swaddling D this month and instead he sleeps on his belly.
He loves to watch and play with Callie although I think he is genuinely frightened of her and flinches when she gets too close. Just this week though he started fighting back. When she kisses his face he grabs and pulls her hair! It's the beginning of their sibling rivalry.
Four months in and not much sleep for us but we still love him dearly and somehow I remain relatively patient and collected despite the crying and lack of sleep. Diego is officially our last baby and so I'll enjoy all the little moments even if sometimes I want to pull my hair out because we won't have another baby again. Happy Four months little D, mommy and daddy love you!

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