Friday, September 19, 2014

Curb Appeal

We have been working on the curb appeal of our house for awhile. It's gone through some rough patches and we didn't get everything done at once but I think we are finally there! Recently we had the yard redone so the grass looks nice and today we had the stone veneer repaired. It's looking really good! Now I just need to thin and seperate my succulents and plants in the main bed.
Since we had people working on the house all day we pretty much just stayed home with the exception of a trip to Home Depot for a special drill bit for granite.
Callie was hanging out watching tv with Diego laying with her on the couch. Cute when they get along well huh?
Besides that we played and Callie and I put the fourth side on Ds crib in my room. He's just way to crazy to have it with three sides even if my bed is the last side. I can't leave his side like that so we put the crib together the right way and he is still right next to my bed. This will require me to get out of bed to get him for feedings so I may need to adjust. Currently I just roll over pull him into bed with me and sometimes asleep feed him then push him back into his bed. Maybe this will force me to start working on the night wakings/feedings and getting him down to a reasonable number.
He has also decided he prefers to lay on his side to sleep. I put him down on his belly and he rolls over to his side. He hasn't quite mastered this half roll and occasionally rolls to his back where he is like a beetle, pissed off and can't roll back. So he wakes himself sometimes rolling over and wiggling around. Here he is in his own crib.

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