Monday, November 19, 2012

My Bud Griffin

I messed up the day I was coming and so we only got limited time to see my best friend Taylor and her baby Griffin. We saw them yesterday for a few hours and this morning before they flew home. Callie just watches Griffin in amazement. He is a pretty active little guy and quite a good dancer! Callie really enjoyed him even if he didn't want to share his toys with her. Taylor and I grew up together and have photos of us together starting at birth so we try to get some photos of our kids together too even though we live 3000 miles away from each other and don't get a lot of chances to catch up.
Here are some photos of the two buds over the last 2 days.
In one photo he is trying to give her a kiss and she just turns her head to give him the cold shoulder! Ha ha already a heart breaker.
It was great to see them as we are already planning our next visit for March.

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  1. Brad pointed out the Miller Light box in the background! Haha too funny. Love the photos and love that they got to spend time together. I can't wait to get them together in March.


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