Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day after Halloween

Callie has quite a few costumes in her closet. It's too bad I picked out the too small one on actual Halloween but I figured why not dress her up the day after? So here she is in her favorite animal costume, a duck! It was too chilly to do it without her pajamas, I know they don't match, sorry.
And I have a few more in another funny costume I'm saving for tomorrow.
On a side note, Callie is still struggling with sleep. I can't say if its the medicine or behavior or an age thing but its tough on her and me. Last night she was up again for hours. I let her cry for 2 hours figuring she would eventually go back to sleep but nope she is stubborn and just kept crying. When I finally gave in she wasn't hungry she just wanted to play. So I hung out with her for an hour. Then I was so exhausted I woke up Juan and said it was his turn. He had her for awhile then got her back to bed around 3, 4.5 hours later! So she didn't get much rest last night and neither did we. This in turn makes for a cranky daytime baby and again short naps. She does seem to be eating a little better. She ate dinner last night and breakfast today, but then no dinner tonight because she was having a meltdown.
So after reading my healthy sleep habits happy child book again I decided I cannot keep getting her up in the middle of the night to play even if she cries for hours as its quickly becoming a pattern. Her reflux seems much better with the new meds and there is no reason she needs me in the middle of the night. She isn't hungry or crying in pain just mad that she wants out of her crib to play. So tonight begins the 2 feedings at night max and otherwise you stay in bed all night no matter how much you cry. It's going to be tough as she is stubborn, blame that trait on me, but it's in her best interest to figure this out and get some rest and me too! I think it will likely take a week or two until we have a new routine but I'm hopeful it will be sooner. And we call to update the dr next week so if she still isn't eating or sleeping ill probably go back to blaming the medicine. Wish me luck and lots of patience...

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