Tuesday, November 20, 2012

You can ride in my little red wagon

My mom bought Callie this wagon. We weren't sure if she was big and strong enough to sit in it but figured we would try. We went out for a walk today and its was pretty cold, just below 40, so we bundled up. Thanks Tia Nena for my cute and warm snow suit :)
Callie enjoyed it a lot. It was a bumpy ride but she liked that. She was making noises like long oooooooo and then over the bumps for oo oo oo. It's tough to describe that in words. Hope that makes sense.
We went up to visit the neighbors but he wasn't home. It was still a fun wagon ride and there is a lot to look at in the woods here. It's a bit different than our usual walk around the neighborhood in Chula Vista. On the way back I got in the wagon with Callie and Juan pulled us up the big hill of the driveway. Poor Juan, it's a big hill and I'm not that light, he he.
I think these are my favorite photos so far from our trip. So cute.
Also tonight Cindy came over to see Callie and played for a bit. Callie was wearing her awesome sweater that Estella made her for my shower. It fits prefect and is so adorable .

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