Friday, November 2, 2012

Oh happy day

Callie had a great night last night. She must have got wind that I was playing tough and going to let her cry it out. Either that or someone up above was looking down and thought I needed some help. Either way last night was a big relief. Callie slept from 7-12:30 and then got up again at 4:15. So sleeping all night except for 2 feedings? Pretty darn good if you ask me. No crying in the middle of the night, no trying to play, just eat and back to sleep. I was so thankful for some much needed sleep.
All this sleep also lead to Callie waking up happy and having an all around good day.
And on top of that she is even eating better. She still wants to do it herself but at least she is eating. Check out this mess she made! But look at that smile:)
And a funny dress up photo of her in her sombrero! He he

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