Thursday, November 22, 2012

Early Christmas?

Thanksgiving afternoon at Pa and Kay's house was like an early Christmas! David & Jean brought Callie her Christmas present since they won't see us. This was Callie's first present opening! She tried hard and was most interested in eating the paper and bow. I tried getting a video but only have the first minute, it took us awhile to open. She really liked it tough. Thanks for the early gift, Callie likes it a lot. She also enjoyed the bell that was part of the decorative wrapping.
Then we went for a walk to pick out poinsettias for Christmas in the greenhouses. Callie was a good sport and let me sit her in the middle of them for a photo. Would have made a great Christmas photo except the purple hat and not so great quality from my cell phone camera. So you get to see it now.
Callie was a good sport and visited as long as possible waiting for her afternoon nap and got to see most of the Gladue clan.
It was good to see everyone and it seemed a bit like Christmas already! But it's going to be here before you know it, yikes!!

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