Friday, November 23, 2012

Teething and Travel... Two Thumbs Down

Traveling is bad enough, but add in a teething infant and it makes it even worse. Callie hasn't been able to sleep well as she is cutting her third tooth, on top just to the side if the front 2. She was up a lot last night after a fussy day and woke up early at 5:45am. You can see I tried to take her back to bed with me unsuccessfully. Naps were short and I was dreading the plane ride. Surprisingly though she did very well. She cried for about a half an hour when she was over tired but couldn't relax enough to sleep. But if you ask me half an hour out of 6 is pretty darn good!
It helped that the airport was baby friendly. Check her out with the worlds largest dunkin donuts coffee and playing in the kids plane gym area.
She also made friends with another baby and played a lot before we got on the flight.
The bad news is that teething is making her poop A LOT! It's hard to change poopy diapers on a plane but we did it since I changed her a total of 7 times for poop only today. Good thing GiGi sent us with extra diapers.
We are glad to be home in our own beds but had a great time visiting everyone back east.
I still have a few more photos to post but ill save them for tomorrow because I am exhausted! Good night!

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