Thursday, November 29, 2012

Callie on the move

Callie has been exploring quite a bit more now that she is good at crawling. Today it was a nice day and the door to the deck was open for the dogs. I was picking up in the kitchen while she was playing on the floor. Next thing I know she is making a beeline for the open door. I just watched her to see what she would do. She got close then looked for me to see if she might get in trouble then when I didn't say anything she crawled right outside. LT stood right in the way like he was saying hey hey you aren't supposed to be going out here. She crawled right through him though. Once she was outside she was proud of herself and liked the deck. She kept trying to pick the screws like they were something she could pick up.
Guess we now have to keep the door closed or the screen door closed since Callie will wander away. Next thing I know she will be escaping through the dog door!

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  1. Love it! What a cutie. Just wait, she will be running circles around you in a couple months.


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