Saturday, November 3, 2012

Flu Shot and party time

Callie had another good night last night. Woke up the same schedule of 12 and 4. Hopefully tonight is more of the same. I am not sure she will understand daylight savings time so we will likely be up extra early tomorrow.
Anyways today Callie got the first of her two flu shots. She was tough and barely even cried, just for a second. Afterwards she acted totally fine.
Then this afternoon we had a big BBQ party with Juan's dad's family. A lot of them came from Mexico to be able to meet Callie. She had a great time and liked all of them. I was a little nervous she would cry as she has been getting stranger anxiety lately but we try to encourage her to be held by other people she doesn't know especially when we are right next to her. She did good and had lots of fun.
Here is Callie in her cute fleece outfit that Grandma bought her with daddy after her shot. It's 12 months and she just fits now. I just love this outfit, purple and a hood is just right up my alley. Grandma sure knows how to pick them. Thanks!

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