Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy 7 months!

Today Callie turned 7 months old! The months seem to be going by faster now. This month Callie has done the following:
1. Improved fine motor skills- bangs two blocks together
2. Finger feeds chunks of food
3. Learned to drink out of a sippy cup and hold it for herself
4. Crawl faster- although it's still very one sided using just the left arm and right leg.
5. Pivot on a dime- she can spin around on her rally in a second and does this the most when you put we down in her rib and walk away. It's really sad because she is looking for you and crying for you not to walk away.
6. Sits indefinitely- you can just plop her on the floor and walk away, she can sit more than 30 min or get down and crawl away if she wants
7. Got into sitting by herself one time- she keeps trying but this still is not a skill she has mastered.
8. Wave hello/bye bye- I'm still trying to get her on video doing this but she does do it. Mostly she waves her fingers and just facing herself so not really the right way but its do darn cute. Ill keep trying to catch it on video.
9. Recognizes people in photos- she loves looking at photos and recognizes herself and family for sure. She also loves the mirror ;)
10. Object permanence- she knows when we have something she wants and we take it away, for example she likes the dog bowl and if I move it or put it somewhere else she goes looking for it because even though she can't see it she still knows its there.

We never cease to be amazed by this child. She wants constant attention and someone to interact with her but I think it makes her very smart. She really seems to understand and get the games we play with her. She of course continues to get cuter by the day and her eyes are still blue! I'm wondering if that's just the way they will be?
We forgot our 7 month sticker so ill take official photos this weekend when we get home but here's a few from today anyways.

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