Monday, November 5, 2012

Summer in November

It was cool for a few days and I was ready for fall/winter cold weather. I bought Callie fleece pajamas and wanted to get a warmer sheet. I couldn't find one I liked so I decided to make my own. I also have been wanting to make leg warmers so Callie can still wear onsies without pants. Pants unless they are really loose seem to bother her belly and her reflux so we avoid pants.
So I finally got around to sewing today for all my winter projects, but what do you know it's 90 degrees out! So I finished my sheets and leg warmers but she can't even use them yet.
Oh well I had her pose in them for a photo so you can see how cute they are. And saved lots of money too! $12 for 5 pairs of leg warmers. And sheets, 2 for $5 since I had some leftover fabric and elastic, and I always have thread.
Also I noticed that I have not given a good update on the reflux and new medicine. I think sometimes I don't want to say yippie we are doing great then jinx myself and be miserable. I know it shouldn't be true but it's like don't count your chickens before they hatch. The new medicine is working really well now. She rarely has any reflux and has not vomited in days. She seems much happier and can lay down to sleep as well as play and crawl on the floor. At nighttime she has only been getting up twice per night. Many of you may say OMG 2x a night at 6 months. But I am saying OMG only 2x. I was up 5x just recently and up for long periods of time. 2 seems reasonable to me and I think we are making our way towards 1 but she hates to have a wet diaper and will wake up before morning to be changed and I just feed her to put her back to bed. So overall I am happy with it. I still don't like giving her so much medicine but she is miserable without it. Tomorrow I have to call and update the GI doctor as she wanted to know how she is doing. Hate to say it but she was right, just give it more time.

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