Sunday, November 4, 2012

Daylight savings time? What is that?

Callie doesn't understand the concept of daylight savings time. I tried to get we to sleep in this morning but that only lasted until 6:30. Could have been worse but I didn't get my hour :(
Then I tried to keep her up later so she still got her nap at 9 am. She was too tired and was fussy and didn't make it even close. Nap time was 8:15. She had 2 good naps for 2.5 hours but I knew she would still have a hard time with the later bedtime so I put we down for a late afternoon nap at 3:40. She didn't fall asleep until 4, but I figured well she will be able to stay up til 7 for bedtime. At 5 she still wasn't up! So I woke her because 3.5 hours of naps and this close to night I thought she will never sleep!
But even after I woke her she was cranky and wanted to go back to sleep. I tried playing with her and then took her for a walk around the block; in the dark mind you because the sun had already set. She seemed confused looking all around because it was dark.
Then we stalled bedtime even more because she was tired but I want her to get used to the time change. We read her 3 books to stall even more but only made it until 6:30. Oh we'll, maybe tomorrow we can make it until 6:45 and then the next day 7. This kid has a strong internal clock!! What's going to happen when we go to CT in 2 weeks and have a 3 hour difference?! Oh boy!
Here is a photo of her at 5 being cranky. LT has his ears down because she was complaining rather loudly.

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