Saturday, November 24, 2012

Horsing Around

Callie got to have her first experience with horses yesterday. I had been dying to have her be able to see and pet horses but we ran out of time to go see my friends horses. So I figured we could just stop at the house down the street from my house. I tried to ask first and knocked on their door but there was no answer besides the crazed barking Boston terriers inside. I figured they would have said yes anyways so we went to pet and feed carrots to their horses anyways.
Callie was a little shy at first but once she got used to the horses she wanted to touch them and was very interested in them. Next trip I will take her to my friends house so we can brush, walk and maybe even ride the horses. I hope she loves horses as much as I did as a little girl, and still do! Too bad secant have a horse in our tiny backyard because I would love to have one. Oh well another reason to visit CT.

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