Sunday, November 25, 2012

Return to normalcy, half way.

I thought that being back home would mean we got back to normal routine life. While some things have been calm and normal others are not. The dogs are thrilled to have us home and are very excited to see Callie. They want to hang out with her and have been right next to her giving kisses. Callie's sleep schedule is close to normal as far as times go. She made it til 6:30 last night so I think out attempt to keep on pacific time zone helped. However she has been waking up at 4 am and wanting to get up and play. I keep trying to tell her that its only 4 am but she doesn't understand. Also she Is getting 3, that's right 3! New teeth on the top so she is extremely fussy and crying a lot. We are giving her infant Motrin and that is really helping but she is chewing anything she can get we hands on. We found a pacifier on the changing table and it has become the new chew toy teether.
Besides that Juan and I woke up to a burst water hose on the hot water heater and about 2" of water in the garage! We spent 3 hours this morning cleaning it all up fixing the water heater and putting everything back in place, all while taking care of Callie too. So it's been a little crazy to say the least since we got home.
Yesterday we got to visit with Juan's cousins for Monterey. I only snapped one photo with Natasha, sorry there arent more. So I'm hoping by Tuesday when I go back to work normalcy is a little more normal.

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