Sunday, November 18, 2012

Made it to CT

Well we made it through the flight to CT. It wasn't easy considering we had no power and packed in the dark. We ended up going to have dinner with Christian and Eliana to put Callie to bed there since it was so hard with no electricity. Then the transfers to carseat then to carrier then to plane were tough. Callie was awake for a few hours. When we were on the plane she was way overtired and acting all crazy. She was fidgeting and squirming all over like a fish out of water and screeching and complaining. Luckily once we were airborne she fell asleep. It was tough to manage holding her while she was sleeping for almost 5 hours. She did cry twice but not for long so I have to say she did pretty good. I was so tired I fell asleep holding her in the most awkward positions. Then she slept the whole car ride home. She must have been really tired as she napped for 5 hours today ! We are sticking with CA time as much as possible so she doesn't get out if sync or her routine so bed time was 9 pm tonight. Crossing my fingers it works.
My college PT friends Kyle and Blair came over with their wives Meaghan and Riles and baby Emma to watch football. Callie and Emma were having a great time playing together and were very interactive. Last time they met they were only 1 month and 3 months but now at 5 and almost 7 they were all grown up. Here they are playing together and even watching football together! It was great to see my friends and catch up but now I am exhausted. Thanks to the MacDonalds and Blair's for making the last minute trip to see us.
Night night.

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