Sunday, March 1, 2015

Happy Birthday Grandpa Kiki

Callie is getting a little better with the inhaler and mask. We even practiced with her baby and her stuffed animals. It's still not fun but she is getting used to it and recognizing it helps her. The bad news is we have noticed when she has the inhaler she can't sleep. She gets all crazy and hyped up. For three days in a row she didn't take a nap even though she was in her bed for 2 hours. At night she has difficulty falling asleep even when exhausted and when we gave it to her in the middle of the night she was up for 2 hours! Yikes. So I'm trying to see if she is doing better enough to go without it. She is coughing less so tonight I put her to bed without it. She fell right asleep which was a great start. Now I just hope she sleeps all night.
Today was Grandpa Kiki's birthday. It was tough as both kids are still sick but we didn't want to miss his birthday. We did our best to make it a successful trip, keeping Callie away from Ford and keeping everyone happy. Callie and I made a special egg and dairy free cake with strawberries and gummy bears! Callie picked the flavor and topping. It was actually good too. Both kids were having a meltdown by the time we went home but we still had a good time celebrating PaPa. Callie painted him some rocks, one for his desk and one for his garden and then a few extra just for fun. She was so funny telling him what it was before he even opened it. She can't keep a secret! Happy Birthday Grandpa!

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