Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Rash rebound

Callies hives and rash came back this afternoon. Luckily the pediatrician warned me in advance that after 72 hours the steroid would wear off and she might get a "rebound rash". That's actually pretty incredible to me. That means the steroid did a great job at suppressing the reaction but it was serious enough for it to come back when the steroid wears off. We have Callie some Benadryl and she got better quickly. Poor Callie she can't catch a break!
D was also incredibly fussy today I believe over his teeth. He was drooling, pooping and chewing on everything today. It didn't help that this was all while we visited my friend Amy's house.
Her kids just got a new playground and boy did Callie love it. We need to work on our yard and play area for her. Even D likes the slide. Callie and Isla are up
In the house so it's hard to see them but they are there.

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