Sunday, March 29, 2015

Happy First Birthday Ford!

It seems crazy that it's been a whole year already! What a great birthday party Ford had today. I think Callie had the best time out of anyone there. She was literally so happy all day and she was off on her own almost the entire time. She had all her cousins there to play with her and watch over her. Since they are all old enough to watch her I got to attend to D and even relax and enjoy the party. Diego had a great time too and even took a nap in Fords crib. Jeana had up photos of Ford over the year and even a great collage of the day he was born. It was crazy to see the day we visited him at the hospital and how much he has grown. The party details were incredible and Jeana did a fabulous job. Everyone had a great time and my kids were so tired tonight. Both kids were asleep by 6:30! Now that's a good party! Happy Birthday Ford- we love you!!

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