Sunday, March 15, 2015

First Haircuts for Callie and Diego

I've been planning haircuts for both kids for some time. I thought it would be so cute to have their hair cut for the first time together. Callie has never had a single hair cut in nearly 3 years. So we planned an outing to Otay Ranch and I figured we could play in the fountains and get haircuts at the kids hair place there. Little did I know that you should really make an appointment. The wait time for a haircut was 2 hours! Obviously we weren't going to wait that long so we just played in the fountain. I called the rival kids haircut place and they didn't have any openings either! Wow! So what to do with no place to take your kids for their first haircut? Do it at home!  Little youtube watching and a new pair of scissors and mommy was ready. It was more difficult than I imagined as Diego would not sit still and with a sharp pair of scissors in my hand I had to work fast and stay safe. All in all both haircuts came out pretty good. Diego does have some minor issues with the straight cut in the back and the smoothness around the ears, but in my defense he was sooo wiggly and it was my first time. I figure by next time I'll be better as I learned already what to improve on. It still looks really cute and he front came out great.
Callie cried as she was scared it was going to hurt but as soon as she realized it didn't she was totally fine. I only took a small amount off Callie's hair and added some layers, just enough to make it more manageable to brush and wash.
My dreams of cute photos with capes and mirrors all went out the window as it took all hands to distract and entertain the kids and my hands were busy cutting, so no action shots. I still wish I had some cute photos of them getting their first cuts, but I will never forget that I did them and they weren't half bad. I even bought a cute kids cape but they didn't like it and so I didn't really use it. I didn't get a good photo of Callie's haircut, but when we went to the beauty supply store GiJu bought her some fake hair that we braided for an Ana from Frozen hair pony and she wore that after her own haircut. I at least got a quick photo of that even if she wasn't cooperating. Callie even got to cut the Ana hair a little to get in on the hair cutting action.
So what do you think? D's hair is an improvement right? At least he doesn't look like Donald Trump comb over anymore!

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