Saturday, March 21, 2015

Callie's first fancy toes!

Callie has been asking to get her toes done for awhile now. I got away with when you get bigger for a long time, but then I started using Jamberry nails and bought some for Callie. We saved it for a special day and figured why not today with GiJu. She was surprisingly good at sitting still and being patient. She barely tolerates letting me cut her nails so I doubted we would make it through all 10 nails. But we did it and they are so cute! She loves them and was showing everyone today. She showed the neighbors kids and wanted to show people at Belmont park. This might be the beginning of a lot of nail time for me and Callie. She had such a fun day playing with GiJu, she went to bed exhausted as they played every single minute of the day.
Poor Diego on the other hand is still miserable. After three days of fevers and crying and inability to sleep peacefully I decided to bring him in. I had no idea what was bothering him so I brought him to make sure it was nothing major. We tried distracting him in the morning but nothing can distract this crying kid. So turns out he has some virus that causes sores in the throat and it's incredibly painful. That and on top of that I wasn't giving enough pain medicine based on his weight...chunker. So not much we can do except feed cold and soft foods and give him more ibuprofen. Hopefully he feels better soon and doesn't spread it to anyone else as it's highly contagious. Jeez, one of these days everyone in our house will be healthy.

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