Sunday, March 8, 2015

Terrible Eggs

If you are from New England you must know the commercials for the incredible edible egg. It was always on when I was younger. Well as much as I like eggs I don't think they are incredible today. I think they are evil eggs. I accidentally poisoned Callie with eggs somehow. We have been feeding Diego eggs and so we have been eating eggs as well. Before last month we pretty much just kept eggs out of the house as it was he easiest way to protect Callie. Well somehow, I don't even know how, I must have touched something with eggs and touched something Callie was eating or eating off of. I really cannot figure out what I did to do this to the poor kid. But anyways, somehow I did. She started saying she was itchy and had a tiny red spot on her chest. Within 15 minutes she had hives growing across her whole chest, down her belly, spreading to her back and th hives were huge and growing into each other. We immediately gave her Benadryl but even after that it wasn't resolving like all her other reactions in th past. His was the worst we had ever seen. I was thankful she was breathing well and seems ok besides crazy itchy and whiney. Our pediatrician is fabulous and I was able to reach her on her personal cell phone to see if we could give her more Benadryl or if we should just go to the hospital. We decided on more benadryl but then when it still wasn't resolving completely and Callie was saying she didn't feel well and was so itchy, we decided to go to the ER. Children's Hospital was great and saw her within 10 minutes of walking in the door. Once they determined she was stable and not going into shock we became not such a priority but I was still so thankful they saw her right away. They were still pretty fast and in about 90 minutes we were able to leave after a high dose of steroids to calm the reaction and the rash. She was so much better after this. The only thing is that the steroids make her a little crazy and she can't sleep, so no nap for her. Her pediatrician even followed up with me in the afternoon from home to see how she was. This is after I already let her know we were seen in the ER. What an amazing pediatrician... And with two little kids of her own too. Callie is doing fine now and her rash has cleared all up. It was a scary moment for me, I didn't think she would ever have this bad of a reaction when she never even ate anything she was allergic too, this is just from contamination! We will need to be much much more careful, so likely there will be no eggs in our house again. I must have apologized to Callie 10x today and it still doesn't feel like enough.
But after the horrible morning experience we got to see a new baby in the family and Callie loved her! This is baby Ava, the baby of Juan's long time close family friend Jorgito. Callie was incredibly gentle and loved her. If only she was this gentle and nice to her own brother! And then the kids played in the water table on the deck while I made dinner. So a yucky morning turned into a not too shabby day after all. Lesson learned.... Mommy will be more careful!

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