Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sleep through the night

Diego made it through his first night without a feeding. A whole 10.5 hours! He did wake up and cry twice but only for a few minutes and I didn't go down to his room at all. I'm hoping this wasn't a fluke and we can start a new trend. Now that I know he can do it, I will be pushing to get him to adjust. But for now I will still feed him if he cries more than a few minutes as he is sick and has a new tooth coming in.
Callie is doing better slowly. She is coughing less and slept all night without coughing and without her inhaler. Hopefully by the weeks end we are all on the mend.
Callie asked to go to the park today, probably because she has cabin fever, but she wasn't herself and didn't play much as she still says she gets tired. But she is enjoying the swings more and has this new thing where she hangs upside down backwards off the swing. She is cautious though and only does this when barely swinging.
Meanwhile D wants to climb everything and is always standing or trying to walk. I have a few videos to post, but it takes more time and instead tonight I choose my bed. I'll get the videos up for you later this week.

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