Monday, March 23, 2015

Bubble bath

I finally bought Callie some bubble bath. After research into a safe chemical free brand I settled on California Baby and am really happy with it. It's bubbly enough for fun but doesn't feel slimy or yucky. Callie loves it!
On the downside, Callie and Diego are both sick. Now Callie has the grey glassy eyes and fever with loss of appetite. D on the other hand has this crazy rash that isn't going away and is just spreading. So tomorrow I'm taking them in to be seen by the pediatrician. Callies home from school so there is a lot of juggle schedules to be home with sick kids. I want this to hurry up and pass but it seems to be a lingering virus that is spreading through the house slowly. Ugh, when is this virus season over? It's not even cold in San Diego why do we have flu and cold season?!

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