Monday, March 2, 2015

Back to the doctor

I didn't take a single photo today... I was home and with both kids and Diego turned 10 months and yet no photos. Tomorrow I'll get around to it, today was just too much.
In the morning Callies pediatrician called to check on her. While she was doing better I didn't give her the inhaler for over 12 hours and she started wheezing again. She ate breakfast and was out of breath. So we decided it was best for her to see Callie again. This time I learned my lesson and didn't bring D to go with us. He stayed with Grandma thankfully.
The good news is her lungs sound better than Friday and the inhaler is working. She was worried that she could have pneumonia that just wasn't audible with a stethoscope and we were discussing having a chest X-ray when she checked her ears and discovered another ear infection. In the exact same ear as last time too! Ugh! So another round of antibiotics we go. The good news is we spared her a chest X-ray since the antibiotics would treat a pneumonia anyways. She also had to be put on steroids to help with her breathing since the wheezing was still returning three days later. This afternoon she sound better and hopefully this is really the turn around point. Luckily I'm home and so I'll keep her home from school with me all week. That should make for an interesting week.

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