Friday, March 20, 2015

Duck distraction

Diego is still pretty miserable. He whines and cries all day even when I hold him. He has this fever that just keeps coming back when the Tylenol wears off. And he can't sleep well. He hasn't been napping as well and is up throughout the night. Last night I went down to be with him four seperate times. So maybe we are both tired and cranky. I can't decide if he isn't feeling well or his teeth hurt. I don't see any signs of molars and he has all 8 of his front teeth so I'm really not too sure what's going on with him.
We went to the park and to feed the ducks to get out of the house today at least for a little while. The ducks were a great distraction for D and it's the happiest I saw him most of the day. He was also chewing on stale bread, which is back to my wondering about the teeth.
The ducks here are crazy ravenous about the bread. They come from across the lake in swarms and fight over the bits. It's a little bit crazy but as long as the ducks stay in the water and you bring plenty of bread it's quite entertaining.

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