Saturday, February 28, 2015

Getting better :)

Callie's breathing treatments and inhaler really helped. Last night she slept almost through the whole night and even slept in this morning. Her coughing is less frequent and she can go 4-5 hours between without coughing fits when she uses the inhaler. The bad news is she hates it and totally doesn't cooperate which means we just have to restrain her and force her to do it. If she would just let us hold it in her face for 5 seconds life would be good. Her rash is almost completely cleared up from the steroid cream they prescribed too. She was back at her typical Callie antics and trouble making today which lets us know she is feeling better. She didn't even nap! She stayed in her room for two hours singing and talking to her baby. She was exhausted by bedtime. Hopefully by tomorrow she is much much better. 
She must have spread her illness to Diego because he was coughing all last night. His cough is dry but just wakes him in the night. We have his humidifier on tonight so hopefully that helps with the cough and he beats it fast. In other news he really wants to walk. He can push the push toy walker (both standing up and crawling with his hands on it) and is taking a few steps at a time. I'll work on getting a video soon. I took out the toy music table and D loves it. I almost forgot we put it away in the closet. It's the perfect height. He can pull to stand and cruise side to side.
And another positive today, Enrique came and patched our leaky roof for the time being. So now we can rest through this crazy rain storms and fix it when it's drier again.
Ahhhh a little relief all around.maybe I can sleep without grinding my teeth now, just maybe.

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