Sunday, March 22, 2015

GiJu's last day

Everyone is over coming the illnesses and we spent GiJus last day by going to the playground at the beach in Coronado and taking her out to Callie's favorite restaurant, Olive Garden. Callie has this intent look on her face when she is trying hard at something and it's so obvious in the photos. D was still crying quite a bit and didn't cooperate for many photos. The craziest one was the pig pile photo. Poor GiJ got tackled by these two. We had a great time with GiJu even if there was a bunch of illnesses throughout the week. It kept us home more than usual but Callie still had so much fun playing pretend every day. GiJu got her a new calendar so she can mark down her next visit and know when to expect her. Love you lots GiJ we will miss you!

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