Thursday, March 26, 2015

Full school days

Callie started going to school full days this week now that I returned to work 30 hours. Yesterday I was worried she would not take a nap and so I went to pick her up as soon as Diego woke up from his nap. When I got there she was still asleep and they said she had been sleeping awhile. I couldn't believe it, first day asleep in a big room with 40 toddlers on cots without even a pillow. I was so proud and excited this might not be a big transition. Well today that wasn't the case. She had no nap at school instead she just laid there for nearly two hours and never slept. This made for an extra crabby child at bed time and it doesn't help she has this cough and congestion. I swear no one can ever just be healthy for one whole week. She's already been up three times since bedtime coughing. At least I'll be home tomorrow and we have a weekend to catch up. Next week she has three long days at school so hopefully she adjusts to napping there quickly. In the meantime here is D in his skeleton pajamas this morning. I just love all the bones, and they glow in the dark too.

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