Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sunny Saturday

For all you back eat freezing, it was sunny and 87 degrees outside today! It was actually a bit hot for my taste. But we had a great day. We went to play at the park and out to lunch. I fixed the lawn mower and bought two orange buckets at Home Depot for our new fertilizer for our lemon tree. Before we could use the buckets Callie and Papa Rique turned them into drums. This is so funny and you get to hear her sing the ABCs. Notice in the regular song she messes up a lot of letters but the second time we sing the version from the PBS show SuperWhy and she gets almost everyone.
Diego also has been practicing his walking with the wood walker and is eating pretty good. He gets mad when he runs in to things and I turned down the resistance on the wheels of the walker so it's a little harder for him to balance. Practice makes perfect, keep it up both kiddos!
And on a side note I had a nice little getaway at nap time for a very long pedicure and foot massage, ahhh, relaxed and ready for sandals. Thanks Nena for the great Christmas gift.

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