Tuesday, March 31, 2015

31 on the 31st

Happy Birthday to me! Today I turn 31 on the 31st of March. This is the only time my birth date and age will match. I only realized this when singing Callie a song about my birthday at bedtime. Pretty cool huh? Well my birthday is always a holiday and so I had the day off work just like every year. This year I had two kids with me all day but luckily they must have known it was my birthday and behaved. Both kids slept through the night and D didn't wake up until 5:45, believe it or not that's sleeping in.
And during Diegos morning nap, Callie and I had enough time to do matching Mommy and me Jamberry nails. These turned out pretty awesome and she loves them. I don't even like girly things but doing this with Callie and seeing how thrilled she was made me have a lot of fun too.
So I had errands to run but still wanted a little fun. I took my two dates out to lunch, then on a trip to Lowes and for ice cream on the way home. Callie was so excited to show me the card she picked out (Barbie dress up doll one) and the snacks and drinks she insisted I needed at the grocery store. Just for reference; Oreos, birthday cake Oreos, and iced tea. I'm predictable even to a 2 year old!
After Juan got home from work we went to dinner at Fuddruckers since it's close and Callie likes it. I received lots of love from family and friends both near and far and had a really good day. My "holiday" off sure has changed over the years but we still had a lot of fun.
I still have more birthday celebrations to come but for now my birthday is over. Callie cried tonight when I told her that tomorrow it wouldn't be my birthday anymore. 

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