Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Just a typical day

What's a typical day look like when it's just me and the kids? Well I think between the photo and the video this absolutely captures our day.
We went to the bank and to the car wash/oil change place between Diegos naps. Callie took all her money out of her piggy bank and wanted to deposit it but they don't take loose change. What a pain! So we just deposited the dollars for now.
At the car wash oil change I packed sandwiches and we say in the grass and had a picnic lunch while we waited. Jorge gave Callie a Wells Fargo stuffed dog when we were at the bank so she played with that outside while we waited.
After nap time we played outside a bit and as usual Callie is too rough with F and ruins his fun. I swear something similar to this happens about 10 times a day where I say be careful, too rough, gentle, etc etc
I think he will be tough when he grows up as she torments him. Either that or a big cry baby.

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