Saturday, February 21, 2015

Happy Birthday Mia!

Happy Birthday Mia! It's hard to believe that Mia is 10 years old today. I feel like it was just yesterday she was the flower girl in our wedding. She was so little and cute and now she is a tall young woman. She's truly a sweetheart and even though Callie was by far the youngest kid there Mia made an effort to include her in all the fun and games with her friends. Neither of my kids had an afternoon nap which is crazy for Diego. I thought he would take a nap in the car or fall asleep there for a bit but he fought and fought and did not nap more than 2 minutes. He was crabby but could have been worse. We tried to entertain him and keep him somewhat happy since Callie was having such a great time. The party theme was candy land and Callie ate enough candy for sure. I didn't give her any but nearly everyone else did, and lo and behold she went to bed saying her belly hurt. Poor kid she doesn't know when to stop. Too much candy.
We had so much fun, but the kids were exhausted. Both kids were asleep by 6:35 pm. Fabulous for me for tonight but probably not when they wake up extra early tomorrow.

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