Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A park with no woodchips

I wanted to get Callie out of the house for some exercise today, but I also wanted to find a place where D could enjoy the park. That meant finding a place without woodchips and without sand under the playground equipment. Lucky for us there are a lot of parks in our town. So I went to the one that has rubber mats under the equipment so D could crawl around and play too. It was a perfect day at the park, not cold, not hot, only little kids because there was school today, and well behaved kids. I snapped a few good pics of the kids. Isn't Diego so cute in his sweatsuit (Chargers colors I might add), thanks Aunt Jean and Uncle David!
Callie was being really nice to the littler kids and letting them have turns and waiting patiently for the slide. I was very impressed. She was climbing the ladder and now even a rock climbing wall. She has really expanded her climbing skills and confidence on the playground in the last month.
Diego's sleeping has been much worse again with frequent night waking a and lots of crying even though I've been feeding him two or sometimes more times a night. I don't know what it is, but he sure knows how to scream and has even woken up Callie. Someday he will sleep through the night... And I don't think I will ever say I miss being up with him.

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