Tuesday, February 3, 2015

9 Months Old!

Diego's is nine months old, as of yesterday but I was too busy to get any photos. Today I snapped a quick few in the same spot and with the same toy I took Callie's 9 month photos. Do you think they look alike?
If you want to see more of Callie at nine months including her first walking with the walker, see here:


I tried to get D to stand or walk with the walker but he doesn't hold on. Instead he just tries to stand by himself or falls to his but. He is not interested in pulling to stand or using his arms to hold on, he just stands with his legs and tries to balance.

At 9 months, what is D doing?
He likes to talk and babbles sounds,  but mostly repeats dadadadada and can even repeat back to you when you talk to him. He also LOVES peek a book and has the best laugh. He loves to eat and is moving on from puréed food, he always wants real food chunks he can pick up. His favorites are beans and puffs. He also likes blueberries, peaches, pears, bananas, avocados, and more. I thought he is chunky but clearly when compared to Callie he is not quite as chunky.

He still has reflux, and we will talk to the doctor Friday about a plan for him going forward.

He just learned to crawl on his hands and knees and is getting really fast. He can get into standing from using just my leg while I sit on the ground. He isn't very good at taking steps even with support and help, but he sure can jump and bounce while held.

Diego is still exclusively breastfed and still does not sleep through the night. I am sure getting tired, so this month the goal is no more night feedings. Right now we are down to one, but none would be better and he still cries at night a few times but I just don't go down to feed him and he goes back to sleep. He has 7 teeth and more coming in. The two front teeth aren't all the way in but about half way and you can see them clearly. He sure is handsome :)

9 months seems to go by so fast but also so slow. I'm ready for this phase which is my favorite, a little more indelendence and mobility but still mommy's baby.

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