Monday, February 2, 2015

Repurposing Diego's crib

Diego had 2 cribs, one in our room and one in his nursery. Now that he sleeps in his own room full time we had no use for the crib from our room. In debating what to do I decided to build it as a toddler bed and use it for Callie's reading nook. Her pillow puff figs almost perfectly and all her animals are piled high on their. We also figure one day when she has a friend sleepover she has an extra sleeping space.... She can't wait for a sleepover. LT also thinks it's pretty comfy.
And Juan snapped this photo Saturday when we took the kids to see the ducks. I feel like this is so my life, D crying and Callie not cooperating. Yep that's how I will remember this even in 20 years.

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