Monday, February 9, 2015

A growing boy

I never even posted about how much Diwgo has grown after his nine month checkup.mhis sister took all the focus away from him, which sounds a lot like our daily life.
So without further ado... Diego at 9 months
Height: 28.1" - 35%
Weight: 21.36 lbs - 77%
Weight for length - 90%
Head circumference 18.3" - 88%

So short stout and with a big head.  That sounds about right.

He is really into standing without holding on. He's the only kid I know that doesn't learn to pull to stand but just stands up pushing off a leg of an adult or a toy. I finally got a bit better shot of him standing by himself.

Oh and he loves the dogs. When they wrestle or act crazy he laughs at them. He loves to watch them walk around the block with us and just wants to touch LT. Luckily he isn't too rough and LT is pretty tolerant.

And I got a video of him dancing to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse hotdog song. He could be anywhere in the area and if  he hears the hotdog song come on he starts his little dance. We also have a stuffed Mickey that sings this song he really likes. I think we have a theme chosen for his birthday already hint hint.

Getting into trouble chasing down his ball. He loves all balls. I think he might be a sports dude.

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