Friday, February 27, 2015

The no good very bad terrible rotten day

There's a book with a title something about a rotten day. Well that was my day today. I ended up taking Callie to the doctor for a check up since she was wheezing and the cough had gotten really bad. She also hasn't been eating well has a sore red throat, stomach pain and a terrible rash. What I thought would be a somewhat harmless appointment turned into two hours of torture. Callie had to have two nebulizer breathing treatments and let's just say she wasn't cooperative. I had both kids, so Diego was strapped in the stroller and I held Callie down. There was so much screaming from both kids I'm sure all the other patients thought there was a torture device in my room. They lasted 30 minutes and we had to do it twice! The second time went slightly smoother but still it was rough. At least they really helped and by the time we were done her lungs sounded clear and she could breathe again. I even got her to snap a photo to send to daddy to show how "brave" she was being. This idea sorta worked for a few minutes. Callie most likely has asthma but they aren't rushing to diagnose her. Instead they are calling it reactive airway disease and giving her an inhaler for home use. If she gets worse we have to bring her back to the hospital. I'm hoping she continues to do as well as she has since we came home.
Then I had just enough time to drop the kids for nap time to rush to the dentist for a 90 minute repair of my cracked and broken filling I got from grinding my teeth.
Talk about a day of headaches. 2 hours of screaming followed by 2 hours of drilling. Not my idea of a fun day. Let's hope tomorrow goes better...
But then again I still have a leaky roof and it's supposed to rain the next 5 days! No good terrible bad luck I tell you.

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