Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy and you know it clap your hands

It was another warm day. To get the kids out of the house we went to the park before lunch.

 I washed out the kiddie pool and let D play in just a few inches of water. I didn't give it enough time to warm up so he didn't stay in too long but by tomorrow this will be good to go. D can even get into standing using the edge of the pool and has been climbing on more things in the house too.
His other new skill this week is clapping. He even does it on command, like a cute little monkey.

Callie was so excited today that she got to actually eat some of her valentines candy from her school party yesterday. We usually have to take away most since it has eggs or peanuts. She's been doing well eating 2 peanuts a day without any reaction, so today I let her have a mini Reese cup. She was so excited. She didn't have a reaction right away, but 7 hours later her face looked bad and she got a rash on the back of her knees. We just washed it and put cream on it but looks like we need to build up to a higher tolerance and number of peanuts before she can handle a pb cup.

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