Monday, February 16, 2015

Presidents Day

Schools closed and its a county holiday, so what's a mom and kids to do on a beautiful Monday? Hang out with friends in the same situation! Amy and the boys came down to Chula Vista and we played outside all morning. We fed the ducks, saw the turtles and there were a lot of them. Then we played on the playground for a long time. Callie can finally climb really well and was climbing all kinds of ladders and climbing structures and even climbed the rope spider ladder by herself. The kids used the cement edge as a balance beam and went down the slide more times than I can count. We did have one mishap when Diego tried to stand up from sitting at the bottom of the slide and went head over tea kettle on his head. This unfortunately was not a good place to fall on your face as its woodchips and so he has a couple scratches on his forehead from this fall. It matches up with the bruise he got Saturday trying to stand up and walk from the kitchen stool. Oh I think we are in the stage of lots of falls and mishaps... I better start anticipating his craziness. Then we went and had frozen yogurt. Callie has so much fun with Brycen and Matthew. They play so well together and we had a fun day. Back to work and school tomorrow.

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