Thursday, February 26, 2015

Two weeks of maternity leave

So I'm officially off for two plus weeks to finish up my maternity leave. It's seems a little surreal that the time is up and Diego is already so big. Technically I have more time I could use before he turns one but I need to gain some vacation for my summer trip so I need to go back. For now I'll be home for two weeks hopefully enjoying my time with the kids.
So far though my agenda is not too fun. Callie is sick with a bad cough and cold again and I'm likely going to bring her to the doctor tomorrow. I have a tooth that needs a new filling tomorrow. AND just to top it off we have a leak in our roof. We just discovered this after the big rainfall earlier in the week Actually it's two separate leaks... So it's even worse. I think I'll be plenty busy for now. Plus Diego climbs on everything and wants to walk. He's a danger to himself so I'm chasing him around all day.

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