Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hanging around the house

Callie is finally a little better with no fever and starting to eat again although her throat and ear still hurt. She only is eating soft things so today I made homemade jello (yes that means not from the box, no sugar added sorta healthy) and pudding (instant from the box, I used organic milk if that helps at all). Callie liked both of them and ate quite a bit of both.
She was bummed about being sick and missing her fun outings so we took her to ToyRUs and let her pick something out with a gift card she still had. She choose a playdoh kitchen set with an oven and a stove.  It's really cute and she played it for hours today. I think it will be popular for awhile, as are all her kitchen seats... Real kitchen, tub kitchen, outdoor kitchen, jeez we have a lot!
She also had visitors for lunch, grandpa, Hrandma, Eliana and Sean and they all came with gifts! You'd think this kid had a serious illness huh? Just spoiled...
She seems to finally be herself a little more so hopefully by tomorrow she's much better and back to her regular activities. D has a cold now too so I'm hoping he doesn't get any worse. If ever seems to end..

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