Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day 2015. Valentine's Day is pretty different these days with two kids. It was a really busy fun day. We brought brunch to visit Tammy Jason and their new baby. Callie and Kaitlyn played in the sprinkler. Callie actually stayed just outside the spray mostly. And rode K's scooter.
I didn't take any of my fancy V day photos like I did the last few years :( maybe ill snap some photos tomorrow.
I did however notice in the morning that Callie was wearing the exact same pajamas and standing in the kitchen with a balloon. It was déjà vu from last year, so I pulled up the photo and yep totally was... Look how she has grown!
2014- same pajamas and same bathing suit!!

Then after nap time for me included I took the kids to Calentinea dinner at Grandmas and Grandpas. the husbands and boyfriends were out at the SDSU basketball game so grandpa had a lot of Valentines! The kids had fun playing and we had a fabulous dinner. And lucky Callie (and me too), Callie got to spend the night!

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