Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sick Day

Turns out Callie is pretty sick. I thought this ear infection would just be minor but she isn't eating or playing much and is just a sick kid. We were supposed to go to Daphnes first birthday today but stayed home when she had a fever over 101 since the middle of the night. It comes down with ibuprofen but then 6 hours later it returns.
She just hung around the house most of the day and watched a lot of tv and snuggled.
Tonight when she didn't want to eat dinner again she said her throat hurts and when I checked she does have a very red and swollen throat. Too bad we only showed the doctor her ear.... I am assuming the antibiotics will work unless that's viral and hoping she turns around by tomorrow. We already cancelled tomorrow's plans too. So we went from a very busy planned weekend to a lay low and snuggle sick weekend.
She's so adorable no matter how she feels and I'd give her all the time she needs to snuggle to make sure she feels better.
The kids wore their pajamas all day... Callie picked her new fire truck ones and so we put D in his matching ones. Callie thought this was pretty good. They liked cute as least ;)

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