Sunday, January 19, 2014

Upswing and slide

Callie is starting to feel better. She slept better last night, most of the night in her own bed. I got up to comfort her a few times or reposition her covers. She woke up at 4 am with a bad cough and didn't want to go back to bed but after 30 min of me insisting she went back to sleep with me on the mattress on the floor until 6:30 am. So we both got a lot more sleep than the night before. She still has running boogers out her nose but less and all clear now. The cough is really the thing that gets her. She will cough until her face turns red and then she cries because it hurts. I think the hardest part is that she is refusing to take her medicine. She is making it nearly impossible to give her the antibiotics 3 x a day she will fight, spit, hit and choke trying not to swallow it. I think I have wasted half the medication because she spits it out and we have to start all over. I literally have to hold her down arms and legs and put it way back in her mouth and hold her mouth shut. It's my least favorite part of the day and it comes with a lot of crying.
She was definitely feeling better today as she played more normal than the last few days where she just sat on the couch and wanted to be held. She also got a new slide at our house. I found a cool slide/climber and seesaw on craigslist during the week and had already planned to get it this weekend so I still sent Juan to get it even though I stayed home with the sick kid. She was excited to see it and play on it. It's still a little advanced for her as the big slide is a little steep and it's tough to climb up without help and it's pretty tall. I think it's ok as she will grow into it quickly I am sure.
I'm hoping for a lot of sleep tonight and I'm glad to see her starting to feel better. I still need her to eat more as she's been incredibly picky and hasn't eaten much for days. Tomorrow I'll still be home with her and hopefully she is doing even better.

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