Friday, January 24, 2014

Mommy snuggles

Unfortunately Callie still isn't feeling well. She threw up again today,this time on the kitchen floor which is much easier to clean. It wasn't as bad as before, much less, but still puking is puking. She isn't eating well still. I'm just trying to get her to eat some bland food to keep her stomach from being empty as I think the puking comes from an empty stomach and yucky boogers draining into her belly.
We stayed home all day and spent some time snuggling. Callie even says mommy snuggle which is too cute.
We watched this 10 min video called "La Luna" that Tia Mari bought her about 8 times today. It's a cute little video about the moon that doesn't even have any words. I didn't think she would like it so much but she sure does. It is pretty cute.
Tomorrow I will be gone all day at a continuing Education class so Callie will be with daddy and grandma for a short while. I hope she is doing better, this is a long lived illness. She was really difficult with her medicine tonight, worse then ever too.
On the upside tonight we sold all the furniture from our "guest room" which is to become the nursery shortly. One step closer to getting Diego's room ready.

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