Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A little fun, finally

After feeling like our house has been just one big sickness for a week I felt like Callie needed to get out for some fun. So when I got out of work early today I promised to take her to feed the ducks again since she was still talking about it. This time we brought more bread since we ran out so fast. Callie started feeding them as we walked down the side of the lake so we had about 40 ducks just following us as we walked. That would have been a photo to remember but I left the phone in the car. We fed the ducks for awhile, Callie ate more bread again, and we saw lots more turtles sunning themselves on the shore.
After ducks we went to Golden Spoon to get frozen yogurt, one of Callie's favorites. They also have a nice set up with a fountain and Koi pond, so we fed the fish and looked at their turtles too. Then we had to stop at Sprouts for some groceries as I haven't been shopping in a week!
We came one and made a nice dinner of roasted chicken, sweet potatoes and asparagus.yummy!
I am so glad to finally be feeling better and while that fun trip wore me out I needed a break and to smile a bit. Between work (I'm helping cover for my boss who is on maternity leave) and being sick it hasn't been too fun of a week. So enjoying Callie and forgetting about all our worries was a nice way to spend our afternoon together. All we were missing was daddy with us. I better start playing the lotto so we can all stay home and just have fun ;)

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