Monday, January 20, 2014

Ducks! On the Upswing...

Callie is starting to do better. Today was the first day that she wanted to actually play and ate more. She slept somewhat better last night. She still wakes up from being uncomfortable or being unable to breathe and wants me there to settle her back to sleep. I moved the mattress out of her room and told her I wasn't sleeping there anymore which was VERY upsetting to her.
I wanted I get her out of the house and do something fun. So I decided on going out to lunch at one of her favorite places, Luna Grill and going to feed the ducks. Boy was she excited about the ducks. On the way there she opened the bread bag and was just munching down! I said Callie save the bread for the ducks...
When we got there she kept saying hi ducks hi and chasing them while waving. I tried to get some good photos of her but she was dangerously close to the edge and I was afraid she may fall in. We also saw some turtles! There were a ton of ducks and the little ones were brave climbing out of the water and attempting to take the bread right from Callie's hand. I told her no bc I was afraid she might get bit, that's all I need...
By the time we went home she was exhausted and crabby. I guess she is trying not to be sick but then gets tired really fast, sounds a little like what I did last week.
Also I figured out a way to get her to swallow the medicine. I tried chocolate sauce and yogurt wih no success as well as bribes was but ended up with a method where I put my finger between her teeth while I give her the meds so she can't spit and has no choice but to swallow. She still screams and I have to restrain her but it's faster, less waste and less crying by the end.
Tomorrow we cancelled her allergy tests since she is still sick and we go back to the pediatrician so she can check her lungs to be sure they are getting better.
I'm exhausted from the weekend even though I didn't go anywhere. I'm hopeful that I won't get up more than 3 times and that I can sleep in my own bed. Night night :)

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